I believe a well designed room shouldn’t look like a showroom of matching pieces, but instead, a home made up of unique items gathered over a lifetime of events, found in near and far away places.

Like a party full of interesting people, a room should be made up of pieces with different personalities and backgrounds. Some timeless, some trendy, some polished and elegant, some a little rough around the edges. With a balance of different textures and history and monetary value, together they tell a story of the personalities and lifestyles of the people who live within.

Whenever possible, attention should be paid to a backdrop of good architectural detail and recognition made to the style and location of each home.

We are pleased to guide you through the journey of turning an ordinary house into a creative, warm and welcoming home that reflects your unique personal lifestyle. 

A house becomes your home when your personality & lifestyle is reflected in your surroundings. 

- Lisa